Natasha Lee also known as CocoRed, started dancing at the age of five studying ballet, tap and jazz techniques. At the age of sixteen dancing departed, as she focused on college and went on to study Media and Journalism at Leeds University. Natasha’s dreams of becoming a TV Presenter and a Journalist subsided when she returned to the art form of dance at 25. In her adult life as a novice dancer, she discovered street dance and Hip-Hop, which opened many doors for her, allowing Natasha to integrate into the dance industry.   

Over several years, she performed and trained internationally in locations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Germany, Poland and Barcelona, whilst learning about dance within other cultures. Travelling is something of which she has continued to do throughout her career. During this time of exploration and travel, she would soon return to the foundations she learnt as a child whilst embarking upon the Foundation Dance and Access to Dance courses at Lewisham College for two years. She combined all of her different styles together and became a versatile dynamic dancer. Furthering her dance training, she is now a 2013 BA Hons graduate from Middlesex University skilled in contemporary, ballet, jazz and choreography.

Since graduating Natasha has formed her own Contemporary Dance Company named notetoSELFDanCe and continues to choreograph and explore her creativity with this collective. Alongside running a company she works as a freelance Dancer in addition to being a Dance Teacher and Choreographer in schools and colleges around London. One of her most memorable roles was as appointed Choreographer and Module Leader at Middlesex University where she was invited back a year after her graduation. She created a work of 15 mins in length for her First Year group who performed incredibly. In addition she co-designed the costumes, worked with closely with a sound technician to create the sound and a lighting designer to create the mood for the piece. It was a very proud moment for Natasha as she was fully immersed into the start of her journey as a Professional Choreographer, from the very establishment she graduated from, it was a very humbling experience.

Natasha is emerging into her 7th year as a freelancer and has worked professionally, nationally and  internationally  as a dancer and choreographer. She has been very fortunate to have worked with many incredible artists and choreographers and always looks forward to the journey ahead. Alongside her profession Natasha also works as a Model and Runway Choreographer and practices Aerial Yoga. Click here to follow her journey live and up to date.